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WSU fires and strips Jessicka Havok of WSU World title

In a shocking announcement WSU – Women Superstars Uncensored just announced that they have fired Jessicka Havok and stripped her of the company’s world title.

It was revealed on the WSU official Facebook page earlier today that the promotion had fired her and banned the female wrestler from competing in the promotion for life. Quite a big announcement to make just a few days before the big WSU King and Queen tournament show on May 10th.

It was Jessicka Havok’s second run with the WSU title after she defeated Mercedes Martinez for it. The promotion has announced that they will crown a new champion at their King and Queen show. Athena has been selected to replace Havok against LuFisto in the main event on the WSU King and Queen show on 5/10 in Voorhees, NJ.

It’s sad ad that Jessicka Havok was banned from the promotion but this leads us to pose the question, could we possibly see Jessicka Havok appear for TNA’s Knockouts Knockdown taping on the same day as WSU’s show? Only time will tell…