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Wrestler Of The Year 2017 | Zeuxis

When you think of wrestlers around the world who had a good 2017, it’s hard to not think of Mexico’s Zeuxis, who, in my opinion, has been the top female Lucha star this year.

After receiving a WWE tryout in 2016 many thought she would be heading to Florida to become the first masked female in WWE, however, she had other plans, cementing herself as the top female in Mexico. In August of this year, Zeuxis defeated Marcela in an exciting match, conquering the Queen-CMLL International Champion.

She also had an intense rivalry with Princesa Sugehit that spanned almost the entire year in CMLL, with the two trading wins, titles, and more in several matches throughout the country of Mexico.

In September at the 84th Anniversary of the World Wrestling Council, she made wrestling history, being one of the first women to have a masked versus masked match at CMLL’s Anniversary show, in the sacred ring of Arena Mexico. She faced off against Princesa Sugehit, fresh off her participation in WWE’s Inaugural Me Young Classic and did the unthinkable, win the match, causing the 21-year-old veteran to remove her mask and reveal her real name.

At the end of this year, she even got to travel to Japan, doing a short tour with REINA in which she won all but one match she had while in the land of the rising sun.

With so much negativity in Mexico with women’s wrestling – Sexy Star, Taya Valkyrie being stripped of the AAA title, it was nice to have someone in Mexico who you could cheer on. Zeuxis cemented herself as the top women in Mexico this year. I can’t wait to see what she does in 2018.

  • Charlie

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