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Wrestler of the Year 2017 | Tessa Blanchard


This article contains spoilers of the most recent SHIMMER Volumes which occurred in November 2017.

As the year 2017 comes to an end the Squared Circle Sirens teams will be highlighting different wrestlers from across the globe that we feel have made an impact over the past 365 days! This isn’t a list or ranking of any sort, rather just a daily showcase of the wrestlers who made 2017 special in our eyes.

“Attitude is everything. When you walk into a room, OWN it. Don’t wait for permission. Invest in yourself & believe in your ability. Be unapologetically you, never let fear stop you. If you want to try something new…try it & make a statement every day. #Undeniable”

This tweet was sent by the third generation wrestler, Tessa Blanchard.  It completely sums up Tessa.  When her music, a remix of the Four Horsemen theme, hits, there is no doubt who is coming.   And when she steps through the curtain, she demands attention.  Tessa Blanchard oozes confidence and her ring work is intentional.   She understands who she is and she knows that you understand as well.

Her sound in ring work and her fully realized character have lead to a great 2017.   Tessa started the year holding titles in three promotions: the Florida Heavyweight Championship in Exodus Championship Wrestling; the Remix Pro Fury Championship; and in SHIMMER, she held the Tag Team Championship with The Mountain Vanessa Kraven, known jointly as Mount Tessa.  While this is a great way to start the year, Blanchard had her sights set much higher.   

Tessa made her debut for What Culture Pro Wrestling in England at the beginning of the year and returned to Japan for a tour of Stardom.  While at Stardom, Blanchard participated in the Cinderella Tournament beating Kris Wolf but losing to Toni Storm and had a successful run with Jessicka Havok as her partner picking up wins over Mayu Iwatani, Hiroyo Matsumoto, and Toni Storm.  Blanchard and Havok got an opportunity to challenge for the Goddess of Stardom Championships.  

Back in the States, she would defend the SHIMMER tag titles against Jessicka Havok and Nevaeh, Mia Yim and Kay Lee Ray among others. In WrestleCircus, Tessa won the Sideshow Championship and Lady of the Ring Title. In early August Tessa traveled to Canada picking up her 6th title in Canadian Wrestling Federation.   But late August would bring Blanchard one of her biggest opportunities to date.   Tessa participated in the WWE Mae Young Classic.  While she lost the first round against future winner, Kairi Sane, their match was one of the best of the first round and the tournament as a whole.  

Later in the year, Blanchard’s suitcase lightened up a bit losing both the Remix Pro and Shimmer Tag titles.  In SHIMMER, the recent implosion of Mount Tessa was a huge payoff for the crowd.  Tessa had spent much of the year berating her much larger and much stronger partner.  When Kraven finally got her hands on Tessa, it was sweet revenge.  But even in a total beatdown, Blanchard was still a star.

The future is bright for Tessa Blanchard.  Wherever She ends up in 2018, she is bound to steal the show.