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Wrestler of The Year 2017 | Rina Yamashita

As the year 2017 comes to an end the Squared Circle Sirens teams will be highlighting different wrestlers from across the globe that we feel have made an impact over the past 365 days!

Rina Yamashita has only been wrestling for a little over 4 years for the lesser known Daijo (Osaka Joshi Pro Wrestling) and its sister promotion, Pro Wrestling WAVE. This was her breakout year as we saw her ascend cards more and have high profile matches against established veterans and a storyline involving the recently retired legend, Dynamite Kansai.

Rina developed a relationship with Dynamite Kansai last year as they were tag partners in WAVE’s tag team tournament, Dual Shock WAVE tournament, and this year asked Kansai if she can inherit her finisher, Splash Mountain. Kansai gave her the stipulation that she had to defeat her opponent at Oz’s big Yokohama show, she did just that and embraced Kansai after the match after becoming the new practitioner of the legendary finishing move. She also had a feud with fellow delinquent type, Yoshiko, that ended in one of the top matches in the first half of the year and mutual respect between the two women.

The highlight of Rina’s year was when she defeated Ryo Mizunami and became the Regina di WAVE over the summer before dropping the belt to another top Joshi wrestler this year, Misaki Ohata. As the year winds down Rina Yamashita has a match against Maya Yukihi, a person who she’s had a more comedic rivalry with on twitter during 2017. My personal prediction for Rina’s 2018 is I wouldn’t be shocked if she challenges again for the Regina di WAVE title and given her past history with the current Oz Academy Openweight champion, Yoshiko, I wouldn’t be shocked if that becomes a major feud in the next year.

written by NOAHs_Savior