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Wrestler Of The Year 2017 | Kay Lee Ray

As the year 2017 comes to an end the Squared Circle Sirens teams will be highlighting different wrestlers from across the globe that we feel have made an impact over the past 365 days! Today we will be looking at Kay Lee Ray!

She’s the hardcore daredevil, and a woman with her eyes (and hands) on the majority of the prizes wherever she goes. Kay Lee Ray has continued to impress and make waves everywhere and anywhere.

In 2017 alone, Kay Lee Ray has had over 100 matches ranging from two STARDOM tours, a set of SHIMMER tapings, and being a mainstay at SWE, Pro Wrestling Eve, ICW, and WCPW Among others, and put on a standout first round match in the Mae Young Classic.

Kay Lee Ray started out her year in STARDOM being in tag team matches with Nixon Newell and defending her ICW Women’s title over Jungle Kyona. Ray would go back over to Europe for a few months before being back at STARDOM in August for the Grand Prix where she picked up wins over Mandy Leon, Jungle Kyona, Tam Nakano and Konami.

Ray has also been a focus of the ICW women’s division holding the title through July before losing to Kasey Owens for the title, but capturing it right back in October defeating Owens before dropping the title again in a triple threat cage match back to Owens in a match also involving Viper.

Ray was also close to catching the Pro Wrestling EVE title that was vacated by Rhia O’Reilly defeating Toni Storm and Lana Austin to face Sammi Jayne in the finals of the tournament and coming up just short of capturing the title. Ray was also featured in the She-1 tournament.

In June, Ray captured the WCPW Women’s title, defeating Viper who was defending the title on behalf of Bea Priestley which has since been recognized as the Defiant Women’s title which Ray still holds.

Ray also became the 2017 SWE Queen of the ring, defeating Lana Austin, Toni Storm and Kasey Owens to win the tournament and capture the championship.

Ray also was a part of the Shimmer 92-94 tapings, having a match of the night contender against Mia Yim for the number one contender for the Shimmer title and almost defeated Mount Tessa to capture the tag titles. This lead up to Rays first round defeat against Princesa Sugehit which impressed many in a first round contest.

Kay Lee Ray has continued to show she is a top talent on the independent scene across the world, whether it’s in the UK, the U.S. or Japan, Ray has continued to impress and continued to be someone to watch especially in 2017, and 2018 looks to be no different.