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Wrestler of The Year 2017 | Hiroyo Matsumoto


As the year 2017 comes to an end the Squared Circle Sirens teams will be highlighting different wrestlers from across the globe that we feel have made an impact over the past 365 days! This isn’t a list or ranking of any sort, rather just a daily showcase of the wrestlers who made 2017 special in our eyes.

Today we will be highlighting Hiroyo Matsumoto.

The beginning to Hiroyo’s amazing 2017 actually started in November of 2016 when she won the Oz Academy Openweight championship from Sonoko Kato since that show she soon changed her hairstyle and ‘ramen-hair’ Hiroyo Matsumoto has created the most compelling case to be the MVP of joshi wrestling in 2017.

In her eleven year career, this is already Hiroyo’s most successful and is one of her busiest, as of writing this she’s been in 97 matches so far in 2017 and has less than 30 losses. Another reason Hiroyo’s success is noteworthy is because she is a freelance wrestler, and especially in joshi wrestling, freelance wrestlers don’t regularly see the top of show cards or hold top titles for extended periods of time (she’s also one of the few Japanese freelance wrestlers that made semi-regular appearances in Stardom).

During late June Hiroyo Matsumoto simultaneously held three titles from three different prominent promotions, the Oz Academy Openweight championship, the Sendai Girls World Championship, and the Goddesses of Stardom tag championship with Jungle Kyona. When Hiroyo Matsumoto appears on a card it’s usually in an important match, whether that’s the main event or semi-main, she’s seemingly gained the reputation of being a reliable woman to have on a show that needs to draw a crowd that wants to see good wrestling and she’s 100% deserving of that reputation.


Article written by @NOAHs_Savior