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Wrestler Of The Year 2017 | Chihiro Hashimoto

As the year 2017 comes to an end the Squared Circle Sirens teams will be highlighting different wrestlers from across the globe that we feel have made an impact over the past 365 days! Today we will be looking at Chihiro Hashimoto!

Tokyo Sports’ 2016 Rookie of the Year and one of the brightest young stars in joshi wrestling in recent years Chihiro Hashimoto was given a rocket push in Sendai Girls by Meiko Satomura and has risen to the challenge of being a young ace of a promotion without falter.

Booking wise 2017 started with some hiccups, with back and forth title changes with Aja Kong & Hiroyo Matsumoto, but her in-ring wrestling has been increasing in quality with no speed bumps and hopefully, her current title reign lasts more than a couple months.

Chihiro comes from the world-renowned Japanese women’s freestyle wrestling system and she incorporates her amateur background into her style making her a unique woman in the current joshi wrestling scene where we’re more used to seeing judoka and other martial arts practitioners. To go along with her impressive wrestling ability Chihiro is a pure babyface that already has dedicated cheering sections appearing at Sendai Girls shows made up of young female fans, some even from high school wrestling teams, giving her a role model appeal that makes her easy to cheer on and root for against big baddies like Aja Kong, Hiroyo Matsumoto, and Ayako Hamada.

Her 2016 set a high bar but over 2017 we’ve seen a rookie quickly come into her own and start defining who Chihiro Hashimoto is, from sporting a giant headband like a certain male wrestling legend who shares the same surname to having seemingly matured quickly from her first title reign by carrying herself as a confident champion who has over five years under their belt. She’s just barely been wrestling for over two years but the sky’s the limit for Chihiro Hashimoto and who knows who she’ll wrestle next to defend the Sendai Girls World Championship.


written by NOAHs_Savior