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World of STARDOM Title On The Line At RISE 6 – BRUTALITY


The stakes have been raised in what was already a very high profile match for RISE 6 – BRUTALITY December 1 in South Gate, CA. RISE has confirmed with officials with STARDOM that “The Latina Sensation” Mercedes Martinez takes on World of STARDOM Champion and SWA Champion Toni Storm and the World of STARDOM Championship is on the line!


STARDOM President Rossy Ogawa will be in South Gate, CA December 1 to observe the Seminar and Live Event personally as well!

“We could not be happier to welcome Mr. Ogawa to RISE. STARDOM is one of the most coveted wrestling organizations in the world for women wrestlers. To be able to provide this direct line-of-sight to STARDOM has us more excited than ever before to do what we do in Developing Tomorrow’s Women Athletes,” said RISE Executive Producer, Kevin Harvey.

And with the presence of World of STARDOM and SWA Champion Toni Storm and Kris Wolf on the Live Event, there will most definitely be an impression left upon RISE.