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Velvet Sky sent feelers to WWE

According to the Wrestling Observer there had been at least feelers sent to WWE on behalf of Velvet Sky.

Velvet Sky’s boyfriend Bubba Ray Dudley is currently employed by WWE and has been adamant about wanting her apart of the company on social media.

However, WWE is going more for women who are great wrestlers for the women’s side at the moment, so unless it’s a manager role of some sort, she really wouldn’t fit.

  • Marshy

    Last night on Raw while watching Enzo and Big Cass segment that who didn’t thought of that if WWE brings Velvet Sky for The Dudley Boyz and if they bring Carmella for Enzo and Big Cass.

    • Mojo Hokuto *Dangerous Queen*

      I think it’d be better to keep Carmella in NXT til she’s ready to join them down the road instead of pulling her up now or in the near future and halting her training (like the Funks w/Brodus and Summer w/Fandango. Not that she won’t train as much, but with the MR’s rigid schedule, she won’t have as much time). Her debut will probably signal their heel turn.

  • Mojo Hokuto *Dangerous Queen*

    Ehh. I don’t care much for Velvet at all, and signing her at this stage in the division kinda seems counter-productive. Out of the BP, I would much rather see Angelina or Madison.

  • no big loss, opens up some money for TNA to bring in some indie girls. Velvet is hot and all but shes still so poor in the ring. She puts no stank behind her moves.