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Updates on Kana, Athena, and Sarah Stock signing with WWE


According to the observer they have confirmation that Kana has been signed, or technically, is on the verge of being signed pending passing her medicals, which we believe are scheduled for October in Pittsburgh.

There may be one other indie name who will also be getting physicals at about that time, including Adrienne Reese, 26, or Athena from Shimmer and Shine. She just recently was trying to get a Stardom tour of Japan before October, which wasn’t going to happen, and in doing so said she was retiring from independent wrestling in October, wanted to do a tour of Stardom before that happened, and that coincides with a lot of rumors of her being WWE-bound.

Sarah Stock, who was Dark Angel in CMLL and Sarita in TNA, has been signed for a trainer position similar to that of Sara Amato, since Amato is doing more work now with the main roster. When Stock first started coming to the Performance Center to teach Lucha Libre moves to the women, we were told that they were not going to use her as a wrestler due to age, as she’s now 36, although she trains like a bodybuilder and looks a lot younger. She’s coming to Stardom in Japan in October, but it will be her wrestling farewell, so she’s likely to start at her new job in November

  • LaGentlemanAndy

    So happy Sarah’s coming back to Stardom (not with it being her last hurrah in active competition. Kinda heart-broken about that but her contributing to the future and being able to help the NXT girls adopt some lucha techniques is so admirable…God bless her and Sara). I just think it’s bullsh*t she’s, for EX, the same age as Samoa Joe but “too old” to compete with the other women. Hopefully everything goes well for Kana. As for Athena, she’s undoubtedly on her way to the “big leagues”, but I would also LOVE to see her in Stardom as well (seems the amount of gaijin joshi wrestlers there keeps increasing).