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Update on Taya Valkyrie in Lucha Underground


If you’ve read spoilers you know that Taya Valkyrie is apart of the second season of Lucha Underground.

She made her debut at the most recent tapings helping Johnny Mundo against Cage.

According to Dave Meltzer, Taya was brought in to replace Melina Perez who was incredibly difficult to deal with.

  • J’ Liz

    was hoping to see Melina back involved in wrestling again ! After the Lucha season 1 finale I was looking forward to season 2 with Mundo & Melina reunited. Even with Melina not coming back, Taya will be a good replacement !

    • Allie

      Guess what, J? Taya can also help TNA REBUILD THEIR KNOCKOUT DIVISION!!!

      • Rhawk

        Won’t happen since she’s already working for Lucha now, meaning she can’t work anywhere else.

  • Alaina

    Since NXT won’t let Gionna Daddio use her name, Taya Valkyrie is now the coolest name in wrestling. LU better not change her name.