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Update on Jazzy Gabert & WWE

The breakout star of the Mae Young Classic, Jazzy Gabert was a guest on the most recent Edge & Christian podcast and revealed that she was in the process of signing with WWE after competing in the Mae Young Classic.

Gabert said that while undergoing medicals for WWE, the WWE Doctor, Dr. Maroon found an issue with her neck. It was revealed that she has 3 herniated discs in her neck and due to that, WWE rescinded the offer. Jazzy will be getting surgery to fix the issue this spring.

She was eliminated from the tournament in the first round on July 13 by Abbey Laith. She then appeared in a dark match on July 14, 2017, in a six-woman tag team match, teaming with Tessa Blanchard and Kay Lee Ray in defeating Santana Garrett, Marti Belle, and Sarah Logan.

  • Marshy

    It is a good thing that she is getting the help that she needs, cause if the WWE Doctor didn’t look at her neck that she will not get sign by the and the pain could get much more further down the road.

  • Colonel Duke LaCrosse

    Her name is so fucking stupid.

    • Charlie

      Says the guy named after a dog.

      • Colonel Duke LaCrosse

        He’s a cat, you cunt. I’ve already proven my worth. Hit me up if you want to hold my Emmy and Oscar. Don’t come for me unless I send for you.

        • Charlie

          Your brain surgeon called, they finally found you a donor.

  • Charlie

    I wish she was in WWE.