Update on Alicia Fox & Paige being involved in a bar fight

Paige appeared at the Pittsburgh Wizard World Comic Con event, and according to WrestleZone, Paige offered the following explanation of what went down that night during a Q&A with fans:

Paige first clarified that Total Divas cameras were not present during the altercation, and it was not something filmed for the reality show.

Paige noted her and Alicia Fox were singing Karaoke, and the fan in question was a woman, who was filming them sing with her cell phone. When the Divas asked that the woman not film them, she became very angry and threw her drink in the Divas’ direction.

After restaurant management had to get involved to calm the angry fan, Paige and Alicia Fox decided to leave on their own accord, and according to Paige were not thrown out of the establishment as originally reported.