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Upcoming Total Divas cast changes


The upcoming season of Total Divas will have many cast changes. As we reported last week WWE Women Superstars Lana, Renee Young, Maryse, have been added to the show along with Naomi who will be returning to the series

As a result of the new cast members joining the show NXT’s Mandy Rose, Rosa Mendes and Alicia Fox will not be returning to the main cast for the next season of the show.

  • Marshy

    As long as Alicia Fox still has job with the WWE that she is okay, Mandy Rose is still fresh and new that she can go back to do some more training and now with Rosa, that I totally believe that her career is up for grabs, like pulling straws. With Maryse that she will make guys watch the show just see her and make the ratings jump. With Naomi back on the show that she makes the show interesting and keeps the fan tune into the show. Well with Renee that I feel that she is already a cast member of the show, even though she is not a full fledge cast member. It would be interesting to see on how Lana will do on the show.

  • Mojo Hokuto *Dangerous Queen*

    I posted this on another site, but Renee and Maryse are going to be great on it I’m sure and I’ve always enjoyed Naomi, but Lana strikes interest with whether or not, since they use the show as blue prints for story lines and angles sometimes, if they’ll have her drop the Russian accent or with this new “phasing out divas” stage, stop promoting the show aside from commercials as a means to further separate personas. I think the ‘total divas’ vs ‘team blonde’ tag-match at WM might either have been the last time we see a team derived from the women on that show compete or the only time we’ll hear ‘divas’ on programming from now on.