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Two females receive WWE tryouts


We have even more tryout news for you! Remember when WWE held a female tryout a few weeks back? Well we have more names to add to the list! Alabama’s Michelle Leslie and Florida’s Lindsay Santone are those names!

Michelle Leslie is from Birmingham, Alabama.  She is a certified personal trainer and nutritionist! She also is an NPC competitor placing 3rd in the 2013 Alabama State Championships and placing 8th 2013 NPC Vulcan Classic. She’s also a published bikini and fitness model having appeared in magazines such as Ultimate MMA & Joker Magazine among others. Follow her on instagram.

Lindsay Santone also took part in a tryout. She is a 30 year old resident of Orlando, Florida who works as a bartender in downtown Orlando. Not much else could be found out about her unfortunately as she’s not very active on social media. You can check her out on her rarely updated instagram.

With everyone who got signed during the Summer could we see either lady make her way to the Performance Center?