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Two Diva matches planned for WrestleMania?

According to the Wrestling Observer right now there are plans for two women’s matches on the WrestleMania card this year.

Of course that can change, but one would be a title match and the other would be some kind of a match to get several of the other women on the show for a Mania pay day.

  • I would be okay with that. Perhaps the non title women’s match can be a battle royal that rewards the winner with a MITB briefcase. That would be interesting.

  • Marshy

    Since at Fast lane has two Women matches, so why not have two women matches on the card. They need to give the women something to do other than to come and watch their fellow Women/Divas wrestle and to give us the fans our money worth especially if we are going to spend $9.99 on the network.

  • CAZ

    To me. This looks like they’re doing Sasha v Charlotte or Sasha v Becky v Charlotte and then a match involving members of Total Divas.