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Two Australian female wrestlers to receive tryouts

Along with Sara Jay two other names have been revealed to be getting a tryout when WWE tours Australia next month. Those two names are Savannah Summers and Toni Storm.

Savannah Summers is a seven year pro. She started wrestling for Riot City Wrestling at age 18 and has become the top female in the company. She has also played a huge part in the making of Riot City Chicks, the all female offset of Riot City Wrestling. She recently had a tour of the US which saw her wrestle for promotions such as SHINE and SHIMMER.

Toni Storm has been wrestling for 5 years in Australia and started wrestling at just age 13! She hasalready wrestled across the world compeating in the UK and in Japan for REINA. She is currently studying for a Bachelor of Health Science in college as she wrestles.

You can follow Savannah Summers on twitter.

You can follow Toni Storm on twitter.

Best of luck to them both!