Triple H Discusses Jessamyn Duke Possibly Coming To WWE

During the NXT conference call yesterday Triple H was asked about the possibility of Jessamyn Duke, another MMA fighter who is trying to cross over to wrestling joining the WWE. He said:

“I’m aware of Jessamyn, I’ve seen her training and she actually has kind of a gift for it, I believe, and I think that a lot of people that I trust their opinions and have seen her train and have seen her step into the ring think highly of her. So I think it’s just a matter of timing for her. It’s a matter of timing for us, and for her wherever she goes or however she does this. For us, it’s timing of just having the avaialble space.”

She started pro wrestling training under Rocky Romero at Santino Brothers Wrestling Academy back in August of last year.

Santino Brothers Pro Wrestling School is the same school WWE send Eva Marie to train at under Brian Kendrick and where WWE sent Sonya Deville to train before she came to the Performance Center.

It’s also the same school NXT’s Zeda trained at before taking part in her WWE tryout last year.

Source Fightful