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Torrie Wilson lands Women’s Health & Fitness Australia cover


Former WWE Superstar Torrie Wilson has landed the cover of April’s Australia Women’s Health & Fitness Magazine.

Torrie spoke to the magazine about her relationship with food, fitness and more. here are some highlights:

On the relationship with food:

“I spent many years trying to avoid food and trying all sorts of diets. Once I began a healthy relationship I got leaner than ever. Funny how that works.”

On eating for pleasure:

“It’s great to enjoy your food, but once eating becomes an outlet we enter the danger zone. When I have a craving, I don’t deny myself because I eat healthy all the time and know that I will feel usually satisfied with just a little bit of it anyway. It’s when we eat the whole box of something that we get into trouble. It’s actually possible to make yummy healthy food too!”

On fitness:

“Working out makes me happy. I love a good sweat and feeling accomplished after a great sweat session. It’s fun to push myself and set new goals and I am definitely in my element when I am pushing through a great workout. I love HIIT workouts using weights and bodyweight and I love making up my own (and sharing them on I also do love cardio. I use it as my time to brainstorm ideas as the blood is flowing.”

The magazine is out on newsstands across Australia now!