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Toni Storm apart of WWE tryout


Last night WWE held a tryout camp before the taping of RAW. Another name apart of the tryout was Australian female wrestler Toni Storm.

Storm recently moved to the UK full time earlier this year and has been facing off against top talent all over the UK, most recently facing Mickie James at the latest Global Force Wrestling show.

She received a WWE tryout last year when WWE traveled Australia.

  • Marshy

    The more than merrier in these WWE Tryouts will bring out the who of who in the wrestling biz and some hopefuls who have never ever been inside the wrestling ring that they would want to become a WWE Wrestler regardless of gender, race, and size.

  • Feral Imp

    These constant try-outs are starting to feel a bit exasperating, trying to keep up with who’s on their radar and all. So many names, many of which I haven’t even heard of (though Toni Storm rings a small bell). I’m just hoping this deep scoping results into an even larger spectrum of diverse women to the point where at least women’s tag-team titles can be reintroduced (or in NXT’s case, instated).