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TNA is out, Global Force Wrestling is In

Jarrett retains creative control

It was announced previously that Anthem Sports had made the decision to acquire Global Force Wrestling. More information was announced today by the Tennessean. Anthem has made the decision to rebrand the wrestling promotion under the GFW name, but the weekly wrestling program on Pop TV will continue to be called Impact.

Jeff Jarrett, who launched TNA Wrestling 15 years ago and Global Force Wrestling 3 years ago, will head the creative team of the new GFW. This move will help to distance the company from the legal issues that surrounded TNA under the leadership of Dixie Carter. Another reason for the rebranding was the double meaning of TNA, according to Anthem EVP Ed Nordholm indicated, as it was a turnoff for marketing partners.

The company recently completed a tour of India which resulted in the company’s Youtube channel having more hits from India than from the United States. The company has goals for both The United Kingdom and India markets to partner with local promotions and cultivate new content.

For more information, read the full article from The Tennessean here.