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This years Hall of Fame female inductee?

According to PWInsider’s Elite Audio this years female inductee into the Hall of Fame will be Beth Phoenix.

After graduating from college with a degree in criminal justice in hand, Phoenix pursued WWE, hoping to bring her own brand of justice to the women’s division. Early on, she laid down the law in WWE, but following some encouraging early wins, her momentum unexpectedly stalled when her jaw was artfully rearranged during a match against Victoria. A year later, with her mandible fully repaired, Phoenix picked up right where she left off … dominating the field, but now as the self-appointed “Glamazon.”

Her romantic pairing with Santino Marella notwithstanding, Phoenix never failed to draw gasps from the WWE Universe when she entered the ring. Who can forget 2008’s Judgment Day, when she lifted Melina and then-Women’s Champion Mickie James over her shoulder — at the same time! Or her surprise Royal Rumble entrance in 2010 — where she tossed The Great Khali over the ropes! Or 2011’s Survivor Series, when she Glam Slammed Eve from the top rope!

The three time WWE Women’s Championship and one time Divas Champion last appeared in WWE in October of 2011 where she was fired by Vickie Guerrero on TV.

Since retiring from the ring Beth got married to former WWE superstar Edge and gave birth to two daughters Ruby and Rose Copeland.

  • Alaskatox

    A deserving pillar of the division for years, but I can’t help but wondering if it might be too early for her. I don’t think it’s too late for her to come back for a final run even. Mickie is back.

    • Ace

      Definitely feel someone like Lisa Marie Varon (Victoria) or Molly Holly should be in before Beth honestly.

      • Alaskatox

        I do as well, but I still think Beth deserves to go in too. The timing is just off, especially with Mickie back on TV whose career coinsided with Beth’s.

  • This is the biggest blow to Chyna. Beth Phoenix was an amazing wrestler- lived and breathed wrestling; however, she was the replacement or the 2.0 version of Chyna. Chyna broke barriers and made history- SHE deserves to be inducted this year- Beth Phoenix does, too- but really?