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The Road to NYWC: A Matter of Pride, A Look at Steven Sterling


As we get closer to NYWC “A Matter of Pride” we will be taking a look at the competitors taking part in the event. Today, we have a statement from Steven Sterling who will be participating in the tournament.


    A matter of pride to me is a statement saying never be afraid to be who you are. The world of pro wrestling is a predominantly male industry with testosterone and masculinity running wild.  The fear to be different in a world like that has to be in the minds of anyone that’s thinking about joining. Being a gay man going into a business that involves close contact with another man would more than likely immediately turn you away. The idea that “no one is going to want to wrestle me because I’m gay” is there constantly. It’s because of thoughts like this why myself and my partner, in life and in wrestling, Jarrett Foster at first decided to hide our relationship.
I went into the business as a “straight” man. I ended up going to the same wrestling school that Jarrett was already training and wrestling at and from first meeting each other we knew there was something there. Neither one of us was “out” or “open” but in fact we’re in denial at first because of the idea that being a gay wrestler was taboo or frowned upon.
It truly touches my heart to be able to say that isn’t the case. Since coming out in wrestling and life, things stayed the same and in this case is an amazing thing to say. No one treats us different, in fact friendships have gotten even stronger. Never once has anyone not wanted to wrestle me because I am gay.
Wrestling is truly an amazing world. It’s a brotherhood and we accept everyone for who they are. A matter of Pride is an event that will hopefully show everyone, it’s ok to be you! Don’t allow your dream to be hindered because of who you really are. Nobody should ever be able to tell you who you’re allowed to love, and it goes even beyond that. I just hope that young boys girls and adults as well can see a show like this and in some way see that you don’t need to hide who you are. We are here being ourselves and look what we’re doing. Someone like Rick Cataldo that has been doing this for years and I’m sure dealing with a bunch of negativity throughout his career and is still going strong. People like him eddy, Jarrett, myself and all the others in the tournament are living proof that you can do anything you wanna do no matter what you think may hold you back. Stay strong, the strong will always prosper. A matter of pride will always mean to me, be yourself.

-Stevie ?

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