The Road To NYWC: A Matter of Pride, A Look at Randy Summers

As we get closer to NYWC “A Matter of Pride” we will be taking a look at the competitors taking part in the event. Today, we have a statement from Randy Summers.


I am very honored to have been asked to be a part of this truly special event. Even though, politically there has been great improvements for equal rights recently; as a society, we haven’t truly accepted the LGBT community. Members of this community still get ridiculed. Because of this, there are people that are afraid to come out and expose themselves for who they really are, which is extremely unhealthy. People are afraid that they won’t be accepted, that they won’t be loved by strangers, friends and even family. Because of this deep fear, people live in a lie throughout their whole life. There are even extreme cases where the fear takes over. Where the fear tells you that there is no reason to survive.

So, I had to ask myself “what can I do to contribute to this great event?” The answer was very easy, but scary to make… I must expose myself. I am going to put myself out there, like I never have before. I will be performing a song I wrote and produced called “This?” I am scared to expose myself, but that’s okay.

There is a reason to survive


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