The Road to NYWC: A Matter of Pride, A Look at Jamie Senegal

As we get closer to NYWC “A Matter of Pride” we will be taking a look at the competitors taking part in the event. Today, we have a statement from Jamie Senegal.


Well, on top of being gay my whole entire life, I was also always alternative and a wrestling fan. In the years of 2006-2009 it was not “cool” to like wrestling at all. I was the ONLY wrestling fan at my school and kids were absolutely disgusted in me. I was the freaky sixth grader wearing, a slipknot t-shirt, with long hair, constantly talking about wrestling. Everyone else could not look past my appearance and passion to even attempt to get to know me. I had a few friends that were guys but I never told them that I was gay. On top of all of this, I am diagnosed with a learning disorder called Asperger’s Syndrome, where this disorder affects your social skills and comfort zone and makes you overly passionate about certain thing, in my case… wrestling. I always knew I was different because instead of relating more to Superstars like Edge and Jeff Hardy, I always thought I related more towards Divas such as Lita and Ashley Massaro. Maybe it was the fact that they were living my dream, alternative, and loved tremendously by the fans. Whatever it was I knew I wanted the same thing. I knew that I wanted to be sexy and strong and a fighter. During high school I was generally popular. In the back of my head I didn’t believe that I was athletic enough to wrestle.

Luckily, I learned how athletic I truly was by becoming a cheerleader, and a diver. After discovering my athleticism I realized I was very capable of making this dream of being a professional wrestler into a reality. When I realized that I was destined to be a professional wrestler I instantly contacted my father’s friend and known wrestling vet Dr Johnny Wildside and he introduced me to “Twisted” Tate. Three months later, I became an official student at Atomic Championship Wrestling where I worked my ass off to prove that I am here to stay. A little bit over a year later I find myself flying out to Las Vegas for the annual Cauliflower Alley Club event where I worked two battle royals. Since then I have upped my game once again to prove that I am going to be relevant and change the game, along with all of the other LGBT wrestlers around me. I cannot say that I’ve had anybody give me a hard time for being myself, as far as the wrestling business goes, but I certainly do feel for everyone who has. Or maybe they do, I’ve just learned to look past the petty, because at the end of the day I am happy with who I am and I sleep at night. I work way too hard to let someone who can’t look past my sexuality affect me with their negativity.

That being said, my goal is to make sure anyone in the LGBTQ community can live their dreams and do what they’ve always aspired to do. It is 2016, the time for hatred is OVER. Now it is our time to shine and prove we are no longer a minority. 2016 is the year of Equality. “A Matter of Pride” is a HUGE event for our wonderful community. We are not only proving that we are done letting people keep us from being ourselves, but we are breaking the mold of the straight men who pretended to be us in the past. We are more than a stereotypical homophobic character, mocking human beings. We are Here, We are Bright, We are Strong, We are Everlasting, and We are Legendary.

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