The Road to NYWC: A Matter of Pride, A Look at Deonna Purrazzo

As we get closer to NYWC “A Matter of Pride” we will be taking a look at the competitors taking part in the event. Today, we have a statement from Deonna Purrazzo, the NYWC Starlet Champion who will participating in a title defense that afternoon!


When I was asked to be apart of NYWC’s 9/18 show, I hadn’t realize that it would be the first LGBT wrestling event EVER held. With that sentiment alone, being entitled A Matter of Pride seems exceptionally fitting. It also represents how I feel being apart of it; proud.
I have been a fan of wrestling my entire life and I dreamt about being a professional wrestler since the age of 9. Now, to actually be apart of the wrestling world, to have made friends with people in this industry that an event such as this directly effects- is inspiring. I believe in today’s society, we are ready to see more events with meaning and for cause. Wrestlers are given a platform to inspire, to help, and to change others around the world and it starts with changing those around us first.
Gandhi said “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” Those responsible for the formation of this event are giving insight to those who have recently been targeted and are shedding light on the positivity that can come from tragedy. I feel grateful to be apart of this small YET powerful piece of wrestling history and hope going forward, more wrestling events seek to bring as much meaning as this!
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