The Road to NYWC: A Matter of Pride, A Look at “Bright Lights” Jarrett Foster

As we get closer to NYWC “A Matter of Pride” we will be taking a look at the competitors taking part in the event. Today, we have a statement from “Bright Lights “Jarrett Foster who will be participating in the tournament.

 A matter of PRIDE. The title Itself represents how I feel about it. Proud. the wrestling world is an amazing world filled with a vast variety of characters and yes included in those characters like all sports and entertainment are some really talented openly gay wrestlers. When Mcqueen and Rick approached us to be apart of this event I was instantly inspired by the idea. I thought how in today’s day and age did this kind of a show not happen yet and with that, how could we not be a part of it now? It was really an easy decision.

The coolest thing is looking back at where I was personally 9 years ago when I started wrestling. I wasn’t out. I didn’t share that with anyone. No one knew especially in wrestling. I just wrestled because I loved wrestling. It was always something I kept a secret. Then I met Steve. That changed everything. I knew this was something special and something I didn’t want to hide anymore. That thought burned Inside of me. Funny enough I believe I was with Steve secretly for a month and then a really close friend of ours visited and wanted to talk. Out of nowhere he shared that he was gay. Now he had zero idea I was  and was in a relationship with our other friend. Not that it matters but, this friend was in the WWE. The fact that someone so close to me while wrestling at that level would come out to me , I knew It was time to as well. I was inspired and it was the last push I needed.

To fast forward six years and be able to go out with my tag partner with my boyfriend and still be wrestling and be a part of this show is huge. Look at where the business has come! It’s a very full circle kind of feeling. It’s so accepted. It’s just time for a show like this. Lastly, I think being a part of this show is another opportunity to get in front of more people and if some of them are going through what we have gone through just maybe it will help even one of them, inspire a few of them , and if that happens it was all worth it. This is something all of us involved in the show should be proud of.


Always , J. Foster

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