The Heel Perspective: 001 – Who To Sign

Hi Everyone! Welcome the first Heel Perspective. I am your guide, #HeelDennis. Each week I will be coming to you with a perspective on some trend or issue in the world of women’s wrestling. Indies, NXT, TNA, WWE, all are fair game. But this column, is a two sided column. We want you to comment below, tweet at myself and SCSirens on Twitter, and start the conversations.

As you may recall, Squared Circle Sirens broke the 19 names of the women who were given a tryout within the past month. Those women were: Zeuxis, Sexy Flor, Isabel Lahela, Jessie Elaban, Lauren Pappas, Kailey Dawn, Constance Ezugha, Nikkan Lee, Samara, Su Yung, Ariel Monroe, Jayme Jameson, Kimber Lee, Jessica James, Heidi Lovelace, Nicole Savoy, Shayna Baszler, Julie Real, and Ella Anne Kociuba.

Although I wish that all of them would get signed. Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be the case. So I have picked the top 5 that I would like to see signed.

1) Su Yung.

Okay. Seriously. This should not even be a conversation. Su Yung has absolutely broken out as a big star in independent women’s wrestling since she was released from her FCW Developmental Contract. Su has been a mainstay for Shine and has had some of the best matches on multiple Shine Cards. Notable outstanding matches were against Kay Lee Ray on Shine 35, A Singapore Cane match against Allysin Kay on Shine 34, against Crazy Mary Dobson on Shine 33, and an Anything Goes Match against Jessicka Havok on Shine 27. In fact, Su Yung has been such a staple to the Shine roster, that she has had a match on every Shine Card with the exception of two (10 and 23). Ever since Su Yung has flipped into this demonic version of herself, she has been someone that you just cannot take your eyes off of. Su has also been appearing on WSU, and Queens of Combat. Su has been an absolute star, and if she goes in to NXT with her demonic personality, it will give Nikki Cross a run for her money, and make Sanity look like children.

2) Kimber Lee

Kimber has become such a star in independent wrestling. And lets be clear, that is over a lot of her male counterparts. Kimber has become quite the force in intergender wrestling and has made quite the name for herself. Kimber has gone so far as to capture the CHIKARA Grand Pro Championship, the company’s highest title. Kimber has also captured both the Shine and Shimmer Tag Team Championships with her partner, Cherry Bomb, who you may know as TNA’s Allie. Kimber has done it all, and the next logical step is WWE. Kimber is the hard hitter who you always find delivering when it comes to matches. Knowing that the WWE has been moving the direction of the division into strong wrestling backgrounds, Kimber will fit right in. To be able to see Kimber vs. Asuka would be a dream. The amount of hard hitting that match would be alone hurts as I type the names.

3) Julie Real

Julie Real is someone who is of interest from this batch of tryout names. Besides the fact that she is absolutely gorgeous, Julie is someone who clearly shows that she is interested in wrestling. The fact that she trained at Brian Kendrick’s wrestling school to get ready for the tryout shows that she is willing to give it her all in the business. Let’s be clear. Not. Every. Amazing. Wrestler. In. WWE. Comes. From. The. Indies. I’ll say it again, for those in the back. NOT EVERY AMAZING WRESTLER COMES FROM THE INDIES. Julie could be someone who is able to come into the role of being a strong wrestler, while being absolutely stunning and mysterious, think Black Lotus, with less crazy backstory. Plus, she brings a new look to the division, which makes her not the cookie cutter version of the 2010 diva, which is refreshing and exciting to think about as a possibility on a main roster.

4) Heidi Lovelace

Heidi Lovelace is another name that you can’t help but see on the independent scene. Heidi has done just about everything you can do on the independents. She’s been in CHIKARA, winning the CHIKARA Young Lions Cup, and was the first (and so far, only) woman to win the tournament. Heidi has also been a staple in SHIMMER making it to the finals of the Heart of Shimmer Championship tournament. Heidi was also a recent AIW Women’s Champion, and has been a big part of the AIW Girls Night Out roster. Heidi really fits the realm of being an amazing wrestler that always delivers, and can be something different in NXT/WWE. Heidi Lovelace, much like the aforementioned, Kimber Lee, is a hard hitter and has been someone who comes across as fearless, ready to take on any challenger, and her selling skills are top of the line. Imagine Heidi Lovelace versus Kimber Lee on TV. Gold. Pure. Gold.

5) Nikkan Lee

Imagine a legitimate referee, not storyline, not a guest referee, but an official referee, that’s a woman. How amazing. This is something that can be an amazing statement for the WWE to make. To have a female referee would really show how far professional wrestling has come and that this isn’t a gender game. It shows that NXT has some faith in Nikkan Lee, as during her tryout she did referee the main event of a live show between Samoa Joe and Shinsuke Nakamura. If she can handle the main event of a live show, it shows that she could be something for the main shows, and the main roster.

Lets be clear, although I would love for every one of these girls to get a contract, the likelihood is slim to none.

So if you could sign only five of these women, who would it be? Why? Comment below or Tweet at me.

Until Next Time!