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Syuri Signed to UFC Fight Night in Japan

In case you haven’t heard, Syuri and Hikaru Shida dropped the Sendai Girls Tag Team Titles to DASH Chisako and Cassandra Miyagi at yesterday’s show in Niigata. However, there’s a possible reason the titles switched hands, aside from DASH winning the belts for the third time and Cassandra winning her first-ever championship, Syuri has signed a one-fight deal for UFC‘s Fight Night in Japan. As part of her contract, Syuri is not allowed to wrestle on any shows between today’s date, July 16th and September 23rd.

This is not the first time Syuri has stepped away from wrestling to further pursue her mixed-martial arts career. In March of 2016, she dropped all her championships in REINA Joshi Pro ahead of her departure from the promotion. Syuri had announced earlier in the year that she would be leaving REINA in order to make her mixed-martial arts debut for Pancrase in April. She is currently undefeated with five straight wins via unanimous decisions and is the Strawweight Queen of Pancrase, a title she won after defeating Kinberly Tanaka Novaes at Pancrase 287 back in May. Syuri’s opponent has been announced for UFC Fight Night 117 (Shogun vs Saint Preuz 2). She will be taking on Chan-Mi Jeon at the Saitama Super Arena on September 23rd.

Photo credit: Battle News via Getty/ Zuffa LLC