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SYNOPSIS: Mickie James – All Access DVD


I recently bought the Mickie James All Access interview DVD from highspots the other day. here are the highlights of the interview:

normalimg4429vj6The interview starts off with Mickie talking about how apprehensive she was to do an interview like this since she wanted her career to be shown in a positive light cause she’s proud of it. She mentions how she held off on doing an interview like this because sometimes when you are first released you might be bitter and she didn’t want to come off like that as she’s grateful.

When she was first released from WWE she was very lost, confused, and sad. However, looking back at it she’s been able to really grow because of it.

Growing up on a farm molded her into being the tough fighter she is. She was never popular, a country nerd.

Didn’t have a lot of direction when she left high school, worked at a bar and fell into the wrestling business. She thought she would become a horse trainer.

She is considering moving to Nashville since her label, band, and all of her music stuff is located in Nashville and she loves it.

Mickie was engaged at age 18.

Mickie’s dad introduced her to wrestling. She grew up watching it with him. Her friend who she worked with at a bar told her about a wrestling school 2 hours from her house and she went and trained at that place immediately. They wanted her to be a valet but she wanted to be a wrestler.

The school didn’t have a real ring, but instead it was a boxing ring in the back of a martial arts center.

It wasn’t till she met Joey Mercury and changed to Maryland Championship Wrestling that she started to build her name and build credibility. She became more rounded at that point.

Mickie met Joey at a show in Virginia. They became friends and after he got released from developmental they started dating, it was about 6 months after her and her fiancé broke things off. They were almost together for 5 years. She says he helped her so much in wrestling. Says he’s very deserving of the training spot he has in NXT.

Her family was very supportive of her being a wrestler. Says her mother was apprehensive about the hazards but after she came to a few shows she was fine with it. Her dad was all about her being a wrestler.

Says the weeklong seminar with Dory Funk she attended was amazing and helped her so much. He was very hands on.

She had an ECW tryout. She was going to be brought in as Beaulah’s little sister if things went well. She wrestled Mikey Whipwreck. They loved her but the timing was off she said. She thinks it was a money issue since they went out of business soon after.

04Talks about her time with TNA in the beginning. TNA had trouble finding girls to use in the evening gown battle royal they did. She says that helped people know who she was. Due to TNA not bringing her back is why she went to ROH.

ROH was a place she was able to have fun with. She really was excited to work with the promotion and that everyone in the indies wanted to work with the company. Honored to be one of the few females to have been in ROH

Says Allison Danger is a sweetheart. Loved working with her in ROH.

Her match with Sumie Sakai really was a great match for her. Felt like it really made ROH fans see she was more than a valet and made fans get behind her.

Has a lot of respect for CM Punk. Says they’ve both had a rollercoster ride in wrestling. She was brought into TNA thanks to CM Punk. Punk and Raven asked Mickie to come in for the gathering storyline.

Very grateful for working with Raven and Jeff Jarrett. Didn’t realize how much that would elevate her. She says during her time with TNA in between contracts she had lots of WWE tryouts.

Every 2 weeks she would call WWE talent relations for tryouts and would nag him about watching tapes and when she could come in and get looked at. Says she offered herself to be used in promos and stuff for free. She did everything possible to get signed.

Had a tryout match against Dawn Marie prior to a SmackDown. She says she thinks this is the match that got her signed. Vince Russo was livid after the match. She took chair shots and he was mad cause he felt she was putting herself over.

Was offered a year contract for TNA, a 3 year contract to go to Japan and she called Dr Tom about what she should do. Said she had a gut feeling about not going to Japan. She said a month later Johnny Ace called her and signed her.

Jeff Jarrett was very understanding of her signing with WWE. Said she would be stupid not to take the deal and wished her the best. Said TNA was always open for her.

Mickie-James-OVW-e1347480292820-244x300Johnny Ace told her she’d probably be on TV in 6 months and she ended up being in OVW for around two years.

In OVW they trained 6 days a week from 9 am till 3pm. Says she was in the best shape of her life. Says OVW molded her, taught her how to work and that wrestling became natural to her in that time.

Lance Storm really helped fine tune her to wrestle for TV. Al Snow helped them worked on character development.

Says WWE had plans to debut her 5 times but never materialized. Her and CM Punk debuted together on Sunday Night Heat. They come back through the curtains and Triple H said they loved them but hated them together.

Says she is very blessed to have debuted the way she did. Says she wrote 18 weeks of television as a crazy super fan of Lita. Says she wrote it about Lita because Lita was always nice to her when she met her on the indies and gave her lots of advice. Felt like Lita put in a good word for her in WWE. She asked her if it was ok to pitch the idea before she presented it. Michael Hayes pulled her aside and said Vince like the storyline she wrote. Said she should talk to Vince so she did. She top Vince that she knew this character through and through and she believed she could play this character well. Vince said she had balls to do that and 6 months later her debut happened.

Out of the 18 weeks she wrote, only 3 of her actual ideas were used. Trish helped a lot with the storyline.

Eddie’s death was very sad. Didn’t know him very well but was so nice the few times they met. Says a dark cloud came over WWE for a while when it happened. Says that along with Benoit really changed WWE in terms of testing and concussions.

Talks about when Vince McMahon got mad at her for licking her fingers after touching Trish’s crotch at the WrestleMania match. Says the plan was to do one finger and not two in the V motion like she actually did. Thought Vince McMahon would love it, but he didn’t. Everyone knew the one finger was happening but not two. She said in her mind she thought it would be memorable. She came back through the curtain after the match and Vince is livid. Said it was crass and they would need to edit it out. Said that it would cost the company money to edit it out. She felt bad but she thinks it’s an amazing moment.

Says she’s very glad she was able to have a memorable divas match at WrestleMania as most diva matches are just thrown together. She was shocked the crowd was divided during the match

jamesTalking about the Diva Search she thought it was shit at the time. Said she sacrificed 7 years and was mad that girls thought it was an easy way to get exposure while she had to sleep in her car, and make hard sacrifices. She says she respects the girls, though and it did bring the spice and edge in the hindsight. Says making half of what the girls made and having to teach them was hard to do.

She had discussions with WWE about possibly doing Playboy. Said she was open to doing it but was on the fence about it.

Says some of the decisions she’s made in her life have not been the smartest or best decisions but they molded her and helped her to the person she is today and she’s learned a lot from her mistakes when asked about girls doing nude shoots if you want to get hired in WWE.

Talks about Lita. Says working with her was incredible. Says she was honored to be involved in her last real angle. Lita had always been a supporter in every way and to be able to be apart of her last match was amazing but sad at the same time, especially since it felt like a changing of the guard.

She wanted to attend Trish Stratus’ hall of fame induction but TNA did not allow her to as it was “a conflict of interest” according to TNA.

When they mentioned Mae Young she said she was a ray of sunshine and she always smelled like flowers. Honored to be able to talk and work with her. Mae used to wear red lipstick and it would always stay on Mickie’s cheek when she kissed her cheek.

Talks about the match where she won the title at a houseshow in France. She said it was ana amazing match that involved her, Melina (who was champion), and Victoria. She was pinning Victoria and Melina didn’t break the pin up in time. Ricky Steamboat booked Melina to cut a promo and challenge Mickie to a rematch. No repercussions from it.

When she was moved to SmackDown she was upset. She felt like she didn’t really know anyone in the SmackDown lockeroom and she felt uncomfortable. She went from a locker room leader to having to start at the bottom again.

She says she had let herself get more out of shape than she ever had been and feels like the gear she wore made it even more noticeable. Says she was home maybe 20 days during her last year with WWE due to her making her first album. She was stressed, tired, and didn’t have lots of time to work out.

Says she felt the point of the Laycool storyline was not only to get Laycool heat but really putting Bullying into the forefront and show how ugly it could be to the WWE viewers and attack it head on. It got Layla and Michelle real heat and brought real sympathy to her and it benefited all parties involved.

Says she didn’t have a bad attitude during her last days and her issue was really in her personal life and she was just exhausted both emotionally and physically. Felt like she self destructed and she did miss a bus in England like reports said.

The interviewer brings up Kenny Dykstra. Split several times during their relationship. Said it was hurtful that he brought things up on twitter because he lied. Says she made an effort to let her ring work speak for her, not who she was getting under. Mentions that he was seeing girls while she was on the road and she never cheated when they were together.

tna100710After leaving WWE she was jaded and heartbroken. She couldn’t talk or watch wrestling for a bit. Kurt Angle called her about joining TNA but she said she wasn’t ready. He called back a month later. She said she would think about it and it wasn’t until Dixie called her that she agreed to come in.

First impressions in TNA. She was nervous about coming to TNA. She said she knew a good part of the people and didn’t want to walk in like she was highly regarded or like she was scared.

Says she isn’t done with wrestling. Doesn’t want her last match to be against ODB and her not really being able to say goodbye.

Says she has poured her entire WWE savings into her music and she would use her retirement but she can’t touch that.

Loved that in TNA she got to work with Gail since they never really got to work together in WWE. Gail is very serious about wrestling.

Her favorite TNA moment was her cage match against Tara.

States it’s sad to see so many people leave TNA like Jeff Jarrett and AJ Styles. She hopes they can recover from it and grow as a company.

Interviewer asks what TNA needs to do to compete with WWE and she says that they need to stop being them and get their own identity.

Biggest musical influence is Reba McIntyre.

They ask her about returning to WWE to visit the WWE performance center. Says the place is “immaculate”. She says they have everything needed to make a star.

Is asked about the NXT diva division and says they are all very talented. Mentions Bayley, Paige, and Sasha as amazing. Says Alexa Bliss has “IT” and is extremely athletic. Was the standout to her and impressed her, especially since she had no previous wrestling background.

She says she would like to end her career in WWE. She would love to work with Natalya.

She mentions these girls in a name association type game and says a little bit about them:

Ashley Massaro: Says she was not a wrestler, but she loves her. Says she didn’t think the match they had at the Royal Rumble was not good. Says they went 4 minutes over their allotted time. It turned into a hot mess.

Brooke Tessmacher: Says she has grown so much. She says she’s so funny and really works to better herself.

Kelly Kelly: Was very naive when she came in. Says she loves her and she felt like she was WWE’s start of really wanting “divas” more than wrestlers.

Melina Perez: Says they trained together but they were never close. Loved the falls count anywhere match they had together. Says she is a live-wire. Says who she is in the ring and who she is as a performer is very talented, regardless of what she did outside of the ring.

Victoria: Thinks she is so funny. She respects the fact that she always brings 100% inside the ring no matter what. They always bring out each others best. Loves working with her. Says she was torn on coming to TNA and a bit jaded and her and Victoria felt like they really made waves in TNA and pushed to change the perception of women’s wrestling.

This shoot interview was ok. Nothing overall juicy but not dull either. It takes about an hour for things to really get interesting as I felt like I heard all the stories about her starting in wrestling and how she stayed in OVW for so long, ect. I also felt like they didn’t talk much about TNA at all, only a few questions and they really talked WAY too much about her music. I understand it’s something she does but she talked about that more than her time in TNA and I don’t think people who buy a wrestling interview really want to listen to her talk about music when it’s not all that interesting.


If you are a fan of Mickie go out and get this DVD, and even if you aren’t I’d still urge you to get this DVD. It comes with a bonus disc that has nice features like a few matches, her doing a training seminar, and a media blitz. Well worth the money. She has lots of nice stories and she gets real personal getting to the verge of tears in some parts. A little dull with the music part of it but that’s just not my cup of tea.