Suspect Shot At WWE Performance Center Was Fixated On A Diva

The Orange County Sheriff held a news conference on Monday to go over the shooting at the WWE Performance Center.

The incident on Monday at the WWE Performance Center involved a 29-year-old hispanic man. The man had been a problem for the past month with staff members from the WWE Performance Center working with local law enforcement to try and keep him away. The individual has a criminal past and has been charged with robbery, among other charges. Today was the third incident with this individual [at the WWE Performance Center]in the past 30 days.

WWE had increased security at the WWE Performance Center as a result of the individual but there was not a deputy there on Monday. When the individual came to the WWE Performance Center on Monday and began causing a commotion, two deputies responded to a trespassing call. It was conveyed to the officers the suspect was armed with a knife. When the suspect charged at the deputies, one retreated back 75-100 feet with his gun drawn. When the individual began to close in, one of the deputies fired his gun and struck the suspect. The suspect is still alive but is in surgery with life-threatening injuries after being transported.

An injunction against the suspect had been obtained but not served. The suspect had been fixated on an unidentified female performer that was not there training on Monday. There is no indication the suspect had a relationship with anyone that trains at the facility.