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Stephanie McMahon says she’d love to get back into the ring, more


Stephanie McMahon recently spoke with The Mirror, here are the highlights via 411Mania

If she ever gets the urge to return to the ring: “I absolutely love the in-ring performance aspect to what we do. It’s such an honour to be able to get in there with some of those performers and actually take bumps or tell a story of the match. I’m not necessarily the best but I do love to get in there, so if there’s ever an opportunity again to do that and to help make somebody else then I would absolutely welcome it.”

How much she enjoys her current character: “I love being a villain. It’s my favourite. The louder they boo, the more I know I’m doing my job. And it’s just fun to engage and interact with the fanbase. When they’re chanting and cheering and jeering as it were, to be able to have that live mic in my hand and interact with them and sometimes be able to catch them off-guard, there’s no better feeling.”

You can read the full interview here.