STARDOM announces pay channel

It was just announced on STARDOM‘s review show that the promotion will be starting a pay channel next week.

It will be broadcasted across YouTube and will only be $4.99 a month for US customers! It will have EVERY STARDOM show on it plus other exclusive content. They plan to release one match from a show every day so that a full show is released once a week.

It was said that the majority of the content will be in the english language.

A full release with more info will go up on the promotion’s official page sometime during the week.

  • Queendom

    This is a deal too good to pass up, great women’s wrestling offered through a $5 service, it’s actually a steal. I can’t say I’m a loyal viewer and watched much of Stardom aside from a couple matches here and there, but this would be the perfect opportunity to start. I’m still in that awkward stage where I’m trying to explore other wrestling alternatives, so I appreciate these services.

  • Anti-Social Kidd #CATSNFACTZ

    This is awesome!