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Stardom Announces First Set of 5 Star Grand Prix Matches

Earlier today on Twitter, Stardom announced the women competing for the 5 Star Grand Prix 2017. These are matches separated into two blocks in which the women within the block face off against each other. Each match won gains points and the highest point earner in each block will face off against each other to see who will win the Grand Prix 2017.

The First Set of Matches for the Grand Prix, set for August 19th are:

Red Star Matches
Mayu Iwatani vs Viper
Yoko Bito vs Hana Kimura
Kagetsu vs Hiromi Mimura
Kris Wolf vs Xia Brookside

Blue Star Matches
Io Shirai vs Mandy Leon
Jungle Kyona vs Toni Storm
HZK vs Natsuko or Tam
Konami vs Kay Lee Ray