Star Fire and Chelsea Diamond to STARDOM

In addition to Nikki Storm debuting for STARDOM in May two other female wrestlers will be joining her. The first is Luchadora Star Fire who will be returning to the promotion and the second is Chelsea Diamond who will be making her Japan debut with the company.

Star Fire was last seen in STARDOM back in November of last year. She turned heads when she defeated Kaori Yoneyami in her first singles match with the promotion and her big tag wins in the Goddesses of Stardom tag league.

Chelsea Diamond will be making her Japan debut with STARDOM and this is probably her biggest accomplishment in wrestling today. She is the granddaughter of WWF wrestler Jim Brunzell and was trained by Frank Reyes. She made her debut in late 2012 and this excursion to Japan is her most high profile point in her career in thus far.

Best of luck to both ladies.