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Promotional Packages

Squared Circle Sirens is proud to announce our Promotional Packages! They are available to a variety of wrestling companies who wish to promote their event. Using the SCS platform can increase your fanbase and bring your event into the limelight.

Click the link to see an example of our work with Fiesta Pro Wrestling.

*Please note prices vary based on promotion, location and availability.* Email us at or write and follow us on Twitter @SCsirens for specific information and pricing. We are always willing to work with our clients. These are sample packages we offer but are willing to help you set up a custom package based on your needs.

Introductory Package

  • Mention on Twitter and Facebook about your event 1x -2x each week.
  • Retweet and tagging the wrestlers (based on availability).
  • Mention on personal accounts about your event.
Cruiserweight Package
  • Introductory Package +
  • Full page article on our site promoting your event along with RT, Facebook shares and a link to your website where tickets are being sold.
  • Tweeting out about the event 1x every 2-3 days.
  • Ringside Photography by Casey Michael. Please check out his photos here  *Please note we are based out of Long Island but willing to travel to your event with reasonable accommodations.*
Gold Rush Package
  • Cruiserweight Package +
  • Interviews conducted with each woman participating (based on availability).
  • Table set up at your event. We will host a raffle and generate interest by giving away some awesome prizes.
  • Written review of the event that will be posted within 24-48 hours.
  • 15% off your next package deal with us!
*Please note payments are due via Paypal.* 
*No refunds are available if your event is cancelled.*
*All packages are based on availability and can change without notice*