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Squared Circle Sirens End Of The Year Awards: One To Watch In 2017: Rachael Ellering

It is officially 2017, which means it is time to reflect on the past 365 days. The Squared Circle Sirens staff has come together to create awards for the amazing things that have happened in the world of women’s wrestling in 2016. The writing team has picked their winners, and some personal favorite nominees and we will tell you about those throughout the next few days. But most importantly, we will be opening fan choice awards where you can vote for your favorites in each category. So read on, and be on the lookout for polls in the future. Leave us comments! Tweet us! Who’s right? Who’s wrong?

The first category you will see in separate posts throughout the days. Quite simply, we all could not agree on just one women’s wrestler to watch out for in 2017, and rightfully so. Simply, there are so many amazing talents in women’s wrestling that picking just one would be a disservice. Therefore, each of the writers have picked one person to watch in particular in 2017. And yes, there will be a fan choice too!

We have seen picks from Dennis, Casey, and Jay. Here is Scott’s pick for the One to Watch.

Literally just over a year into her professional wrestling career, Rachael Ellering has grown into one of the most sought after talents on the independent circuit. The daughter of WWE manager Precious Paul Ellering and trainee at the Storm Wrestling Academy, Ellering made her debut in November 2015 against fellow Storm trainee Giselle Shaw at Prairie Wrestling Alliance Christmas Slam. Rachael spent the first several months of her career wrestling in Alberta, Canada. In April, she made her way to Florida where she got one of her first big matches at SHINE34 against Tessa Blanchard. Shortly after her SHINE debut, Rachael had a match on WWE NXT against Alexa Bliss. For someone just 5 months into her career, to get a chance to wrestle on a WWE program is a huge accomplishment.

Since April, Rachael has worked for Queens of Combat, IGNITE Wrestling, Ring of Honor, plus two additional matches with NXT, against Liv Morgan and Ember Moon. The match against Ember Moon can be seen here. Aside from her work with WWE, probably her biggest accomplishment to date is winning the Resistance Pro Wrestling Women’s Championship in November. Rachel took part in a four woman to tournament to crown the champion after the title was vacated by Crazy Mary Dobson in September.

Because she has turned into such a high-profile talent, Ellering doesn’t stay in one promotion for an extended period of time. While this is great for her to gain exposure, she doesn’t have the opportunity to work too many lengthy storylines. In SHINE, Rachael has been able work a multi show story against the third generation star Tessa Blanchard, beginning with the previously mentioned SHINE34 match. In order to watch these matches, you’ll have to buy a subscription to FloSlam. But here is a match between the two from the NWA Mid-Atlantic Fanfest in August. These two women work so well together. The story has been built nicely. In reality, it is one of the best parts of SHINE over the recent months.

Having watched Ellering across various promotions against different opponents, it is incredibly obvious that she gets it. She understands ring psychology, she has great charisma, and for a year in the business, she is remarkably technically sound. 2017 is going to be a HUGE year for Rachael Ellering. Her stock is rising quickly and it is only a matter of time before she adds more gold to her list of accomplishments. It wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest to see Ellering on WWE programming by the end of 2017. She has earned it. After all, she the ONE in one in a million.

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