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Squared Circle Sirens End of the Year Awards – One to Watch in 2017 : Maria Manic

It is officially 2017, which means it is time to reflect on the past 365 days. The Squared Circle Sirens staff has come together to create awards for the amazing things that have happened in the world of women’s wrestling in 2016. The writing team has picked their winners, and some personal favorite nominees and we will tell you about those throughout the next few days. But most importantly, we will be opening fan choice awards where you can vote for your favorites in each category. So read on, and be on the lookout for polls in the future. Leave us comments! Tweet us! Who’s right? Who’s wrong?

The first category you will see in separate posts throughout the days. Quite simply, we all could not agree on just one women’s wrestler to watch out for in 2017, and rightfully so. Simply, there are so many amazing talents in women’s wrestling that picking just one would be a disservice. Therefore, each of the writers have picked one person to watch in particular in 2017. And yes, there will be a fan choice too!

Jason’s Pick :

This was a hard decision. I was going back and forth with this for a while but one name really came to my mind over and over again. I am hoping to connect with some of the readers who have less insight on women’s wrestling. Before coming onto the team with Casey I knew little to nothing about women’s wrestling. What really won me over was the Sasha Banks vs Bailey match at NXT Brooklyn last year.

My choice for the one to watch in 2017 has to go to Maria Manic. Not only is she a class act and quite humorous as well but her work in the ring has me cheering for her each time I get the pleasure of watching. Over the past year I’ve gotten to see her wrestle at quite a few events including; NYWC A Matter of Pride, Fiesta Pro Wrestling and NEW.

My first time seeing Maria Manic in person was at NYWC’s A Matter of Pride event. I had no idea who she was but her inter-gender handicap match with Sammy Pickles against DJ Hyde made me really take notice of her. While she looks like a barbie doll she is one of the toughest. She took hard shots from Hyde and got her ass handed to her quite a few times throughout the match. She got the fans behind her and much to my excitement she and Pickles were able to pick up the win.

I got the pleasure of seeing her wrestle live once again at Fiesta Pro Wrestling in Deer Park, NY where she was apart of a costume contest and after that took on Annie Social in singles competition. A very hard hitting match between the two that once again showed vast improvement from Maria Manic. I was so happy when Maria got the win!

I have to say my favorite match of her’s this year was the one at NEW in Connecticut when Maria faced off against Deonna Purrazzo. I don’t drive to different states just to watch anyone wrestle so when I saw two of my favorite females were facing each other in a match me and Casey knew we had to go and I’m so glad we did!

I am so happy to say since I started following and became friendly with her she has improved tremendously and I can see a future WWE Star. She also got a cameo appearance on Monday Night RAW a few weeks ago.

If you never had the chance of seeing her live you can check out this video on Youtube! Heres to wishing the East Coast Barbie lots of success in 2017.