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Squared Circle Sirens End of the Year Awards: One to Watch in 2017: Jinny

It is officially 2017, which means it is time to reflect on the past 365 days. The Squared Circle Sirens staff has come together to create awards for the amazing things that have happened in the world of women’s wrestling in 2016. The writing team has picked their winners, and some personal favorite nominees and we will tell you about those throughout the next few days. But most importantly, we will be opening fan choice awards where you can vote for your favorites in each category. So read on, and be on the lookout for polls in the future. Leave us comments! Tweet us! Who’s right? Who’s wrong?

The first category you will see in separate posts throughout the days. Quite simply, we all could not agree on just one women’s wrestler to watch out for in 2017, and rightfully so. Simply, there are so many amazing talents in women’s wrestling that picking just one would be a disservice. Therefore, each of the writers have picked one person to watch in particular in 2017. And yes, there will be a fan choice too!

First is my (Dennis’s) pick!

Living in America, it can be difficult to keep a pulse on the independent scene outside of North America. I mean, hell, it’s hard to even keep up with the Canadian scene sometimes. Nonetheless, the European independent scene has consistently delivered. After all, It is the European scene that has brought the likes of Nikki Cross, Kay Lee Ray, Nixon Newell, and Viper to the likes of Shine, Shimmer, and even NXT. With the WWE bringing in just about every European female name to a tryout in November, it is clear that the WWE has its eyes on some independent talent that could make waves in the WWE.

One company that has really been on the radar for Women’s talent, and has been a personal favorite of mine, is PROGRESS. Progress was started in 2011, however, it really hit big on the women’s independent fan’s radar in 2015, with the beginning of the women’s feud which put Progress on the women’s wrestling map, Pollyanna versus one of the Squared Circle Sirens One to Watch in 2017, Jinny.

Jinny, known as Knightsbridge’s fashionista, graduated from the PROGRESS wrestling school, the Projo, and went on to ENDVR 8 to challenge Pollyanna in the first women’s wrestling match in Progress. From there, Jinny has become an absolute star, and staple heel, of the Progress Women’s roster. Jinny and Pollyanna continued to feud through the majority of 2015. Jinny, with her then personal assistant, Elizabeth, went on to defeat most of the women who came in to PROGRESS. This includes the likes of Pollyanna, Mischa East, Leva Bates, and SWA Champion, Toni Storm. One of the big matches for Progress was Pollyanna teaming up with Toni Storm against Jinny and Elizabeth. Although Jinny and Elizabeth would lose that match, Jinny shined like a star, and solidified herself at the top of the Progress roster.

You can watch Jinny and Elizabeth vs. Toni Storm and Pollyanna on Youtube

After having a stellar feud with Pollyanna, Jinny’s sights turned to her PA, Elizabeth, who had not been completing duties to Jinny’s standards, and in fact, after a build-up throughout numerous PROGRESS shows, Elizabeth turned on Jinny. This lead to the next big feud in Progress wrestling, again, brought to the forefront by Jinny. The feud had been worked so well, and had such a big feel to it. Progress posted an almost 22 minute video promo (Which you can watch on Youtube, Here) of the feud of Jinny and Elizabeth, who was now going by Laura Di Matteo. This lead to a match at Progress Chapter 32 between Laura and Jinny in what Twitter fans called match of the night. As 2016 wraps up, Jinny continues to feud with Laura on Twitter, and Jinny has made her way to the semi-finals of Natural Progression Series tournament to crown the first ever Progress Women’s Champion.

So why should you watch Jinny?

As if the above wasn’t enough. She is the definition of what a heel should be. I’m willing to put her in the top 5 heel wrestlers currently out there. To be clear, all wrestlers, male or female, doesn’t matter. She cut a promo for WXW Femmes Fatales, and it was literal gold. She does the fashionista role, perfectly, and it’s different. She’s a mean girl for a reason, because she has more money, and is better than you. Plus she is great in the ring. She is one person you could take right off of the independent scene, put into a mainstream televised company (cough. cough. WWE. cough) and with the skills she has, and the character she is, would not only fit right on to the roster, but come out as a star.

Her promo work, is light years ahead of the amount of time she has even been in the ring. She debuted just under two. years. ago. TWO YEARS! If at two years we can get a promo like the interview she did against Laura Di Mateo, or what she did at WXW, this is clearly only the beginning. Plus, you can watch the matches, she is good in the ring and consistently delivers.

Finally, you might not have much of a choice. Jinny was at the tryout when WWE was in the UK in November, could she be in the Women’s Tournament coming sometime soon? Could she be going to another tryout? Could she be signed? There’s no doubt Jinny will continue to stand out, and I’m sure that even if she doesn’t go to NXT/WWE, Jinny will continue to make waves on the UK scene that it is only a matter of time until she comes to the United States and runs through every promotion here.

Jinny has already become someone who you love to hate (in which, the fans at Progress regularly like to use a certain c word). Unless you’re me, in which you love to love. She has the character, the skills, and the star power. She is one to watch in 2017.