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SPOILERS: WWE NXT – 11/04/15 – 11/18/15


WWE is taping episodes of WWE NXT in Winter Park Florida at Full Sail University to air in November on the WWE Network. Here are the results so far:


  • Asuka defeated Cameron via submission after the Asuka Lock.


  • NXT Women’s Champion Bayley, Zack Ryder and Mojo Rawley vs. Blake, Murphy and Alexa Bliss is next. Alexa takes Bayley’s title and runs away with it. Bayley hits a Belly to Bayley on Blake or Murphy and then chases off after Bliss. Ryder hits a Rough Ryder to get the win for his team


  • Emma defeated Mary K via Submission by the Emma Lock
  • Bayley defeated Alexa Bliss  via Belly to Bayley to retain the NXT Women’s Championship
  • Eva Marie came out to challenge Bayley to a future title match on November 19th!
  • Seba

    Mary K is Rossie LottaLove, right?

  • Marshy

    Looks like November 11th and on the 18 of November looks like an all Women night with exception of the guys wrestling on both cards.

  • Rhawk

    It’s great enough that Athena debuted, but she actually used the O-Face?! Is this heaven…

  • Marshy

    WWE/NXT are ready to have an all women wrestling show not like GLOW but like Shine, Shimmer and other all women wrestling show including the ones from Japan.

  • Rhawk

    Also Athena seems to apparently be using her real life name, Adrienne Reese. Whether they’ll change this in the future or not is unsure, but its interesting that she’s use her own name is all.

  • angelinajade

    NXT/WWE needs to do a special like Knockouts Knockdown or something that’s just all divas. I think there’s enough NXT girls now for them to have 2 title matches and the rest of the matches be NXT vs main roster.