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SPOILERS: TNA IMPACT – 5/22/14 & 5/29/14

Before the following match, Angelina took a mic and said she did issue an open challenge tonight for her title but tonight’s challenge excludes all former Knockouts Champions. She is glad to give an up and comes an opportunity. Brittany comes out for the challenge.

Match 1) In a match for the TNA Knockout’s Championship, Angelina Love w/Velvet Sky retained over Brittany. Velvet distracted Stiffler and Angelina hit her finisher to win. They used lipstick on Brittany and bagged her. Gail Kim made the save and took out both of them

The Beautiful People defeated Brittany & Gail Kim. After the match, Brittany calls out Madison Rayne and asked why she wouldn’t be her partner against TBP. Rayne tells her that she has issues that go back years against them. Brittany tells her that she only wants to be with Madison and Madison freaks out. Brittany keeps telling Rayne that she wants to be with her and why doesn’t Rayne like her. The Beautiful People come out to view the scene and Rayne tells them that she’s going to cash in her rematch against Angelina Love for the Knockouts title next week. The crowd was chanting, “Boring” during the segment.

Xplosion: Madison Rayne defeated Velvet Sky with a roll up when Velvet went to put the brown bag on Madison.