SPOILERS: Lucha Underground Season 3 – 04/09/16 – 04/10/16

Lucha Underground returned to Boyle Heights, California to tape matches for season 3 of the promotion. Here is what was taped:


April 9th Tapings:


April 10th Tapings:


source: Wrestling Observer

  • Mojo Ozaki *Queen of Hell*

    Oh. My. God. I can’t WAIT to see this, my head is especially spinning at his interactions with Shirai. I shouldn’t be surprised but can’t help but look on in awe how evolved a wrestling program this is as they actively continue to layer it with female talent and go out of their way to recruit some of the best. The only thing is it’s such a shame Ivelisse couldn’t be involved in this set of tapings, but I’m beyond ecstatic to hear Io/Kairi/Mayu got great reactions!!