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SPOILERS: Lucha Underground – 4/1/15 – 4/8/15


Big Ryck, Killshot, the Mack b Pentagón Jr., Sexy Star, Súper Fly [LU TRIOS, tournament] first round match in tournament. In a segment only for the live crowd prior to recording, Dario showed off the three new belts and explained this Sexy Star trio was a wild card team he had put together. Pentagon told his still mystery mentor that he didn’t want anything to do with Super Fly or Sexy Star, but would win all by himself. Pentagon wouldn’t tag out until Big Rick stopped him, but then Super Fly & Sexy left him hanging. Later, those two would not tag in Pentagon. Debuts for the (Willie) Mack and Killshot (Shane Strickland under a mask); there was no introduction but they appear long term allied with Ryck. Crowd was strongly behind Mack. Killshot and Mack gave Super Fly their big moves for the win (though it took two takes, and an awkward kickout in between.) Pentagon attempted to break Super Fly’s arm, Sexy Star made the save, and Pentagon declared he’d break both of their arms.


Angélico, Ivelisse, Son of Havoc b Aerostar, Drago, Fénix [LU TRIOS, tournament] Start of 04/08 episode. Neither team was getting along in this match, with Fenix trying to play peacemaker on his team while the other team had no help. There were moments of disagreement, but more time spent fighting the other team. After a wild match, Ivelisse walked out on Havoc and Aerostar and Drago came to blows at the same moment. Havoc took advantage of Aerostar & Drago and actually got a win with the shooting star press. Ivelisse was shocked Havoc finally own and unhappy to still be alive in this tournament. Fenix was upset with both Drago and Aerostar for costing the match, but they were more focused one each other.

Sexy Star b Súper Fly
Both were introduced while being unsure why they were wrestling. Dario appeared to make this match as punishment for them embarrassing him as his wild card team. He demanded they really fight, and made a mask match to make sure they took it seriously. Neither participant was happy about this, but Super Fly eventually worked as a rudo during the match. Sexy Star won with a casita. Neither wanted to do the stipulation, and the unmasking was interrupted by Martin Martinez (ex-Martin Cassius) wearing a AZTEC PRIDE shirt and demanding Super Fly live up to the stipulation. Security chased Martinez (as if he was a fan who jumped the rail?) out of the building. Super Fly untied his mask and knelt down to let Sexy take it off. Sexy didn’t want to do it, but eventually did. Super Fly let the cameras see his face this time. Pentagon Jr. snuck in, knocked Sexy Star off the apron, and broke Super Fly’s arm. Pentagon told Sexy she would be next.

credit: Luchablog