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SPOILERS: Impact Wrestling – 5/1/14 & 5/8/14

TNA Wrestling taped two episodes of IMPACT Wrestling last night. Here are the results.

May 1st:

The Beautiful People came to the ring in long black dresses. Angelina said they were told to follow a more appropriate dress code or else. The Beautiful People take orders from nobody and if they say they can’t do something they will. They say they will take it all off right now and asks for their music. They play the music and do a striptease but they decide against it. Angelina called the fans pathetic and asked if they really felt they would show their goodies. Velvet said they can all go back to their obese out of shape flat chested lonely wives and girlfriends. Angelina says let’s pay respect to the greatest KOs champion who has held it for a record breaking six times: herself. Gail Kim’s music plays. Gail said the division was built on sexy women but also on wrestling. Gail said they promised a striptease and she planned on stripping them of everything. Gail attacked them and they bailed. Madison and Brittany showed up on the stage and stripped the beautiful people of their dresses and they ran to the back.


May 8th:

Xplosion: Gail Kim defeated Velvet Sky w/Angelina Love via Eat Defeat


credit: TNA Asylum