SPOILERS: IMPACT Wrestling – 3/15/15 Tapings

TNA taped a episode of IMPACT last night. Here are the results. This show is expected to air sometime in April.

– In a Knockout’s Championship #1 contendership match, Brooke defeated Gail Kim, Angelina Love, and Madison Rayne via pinfall on Madison following the TessShocker.

– Josh Matthews interviewed Brooke after the match who was very excited. Josh says later tonight Kong and Taryn will happen. Brooke says she will take on either of ten and she is just glad to be back and to win the title

– Laura Dennis (Cherry Bomb) defeated Jade (Mia Yim) with Marti (Marti Belle) by DQ. Marti and Jade entered doing a dance holding each other’s hands and twirling around to a dubstep style theme. Marti corrected Hemme saying to introduce them as The Doll House, which they had a titantron for them. Marti pulled out the ref and attacked Laura for the DQ. They laughed and danced. When Christy Hemme announced the result they got in her face and asked what they said and both punched her and laid her out.

– Before the next match, Taryn told Kong that Kong beat her by DQ and said that this match should be no disqualification.

– For the TNA Knockout’s Championship in a match with no disqualifications, Taryn Terrell defeated Awesome Kong. The match saw kendo sticks and a table get involved The Doll House came to the ring and grabbed kendo sticks. When Awesome Kong was on the top rope, they hit Kong with the kendo sticks repeatedly and shove Kong off into an ace crusher through the table, which did not break sending Kong down pretty hard. Taryn grabbed the title and hit Kong in the face with it to retain.

– Taryn said that nobody thought she could beat Kong. She is here to put everyone on notice. You can’t beat her and if you mess with her you mess with her friends and they don’t play very nice. She says this is her house….the Doll House and laughs.