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SPOILERS: IMPACT Wrestling – 3/13/15 & 3/20/15

TNA IMPACT Wrestling taped a series of shows earlier today in London, England. Read more to find out the Knockout results.


– Magnus beat Bram via disqualification. Mickie James came out during the match to lend support to Magnus. Bram hit a low blow for an intentional DQ. Post match, Bram attacked Magnus with a chair. Bram tied up Magnus in the ropes with some cables as Mickie came in to act as a human shield. She slapped Bram, but he grabbed her and cut a promo on Magnus, threatening to take away everything he loves, unless he kisses his boot. Magnus planted his lips on the boot and Bram left to boos.

– Brooke defeated Robbie E in an intergender match. DJ Z, Angelina Love and Jessie were out with a bucket and stool, a la a boxing match. Lots of interference, but Brooke won with a jackknife cradle after Jessie missed a dropkick and accidentally hit Robbie E



– Taryn Terrell defeated Gail Kim and Awesome Kong in a three-way to retain the Knockouts Title. Taryn countered the Eat Defeat from Gail into a roll up for the win. Kong dominated most of the match but was taken out by a Gail Kim dive.

– Magnus and Bram spilled out of the back, brawling into the ring. Magnus waffled Bram with a series of chair shots before refs broke it up. Mickie James attacked Bram too, who tried to escape, only to get a powerbomb on the stage for his troubles.