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SPOILERS: IMPACT Wrestling – 2/13/14

TNA taped an episode of IMPACT Wrestling in the UK today. Read after the jump for spoilers

– Chris Sabin fought Velvet Sky to a no contest. Velvet kicked Sabin in the nuts after a lot of goading, but he removed a cup and called her stupid. She hit him with a low blow again and Velvet started beating on him. Alpha Female debuted and destroyed Velvet and then locked her in a full nelson, causing Velvet to go limp. Sabin celebrated and was carried out on Alpha’s shoulders.

Gail Kim defeated Madison Rayne in a non-title street fight. Every time Madison got the upper hand, Tapa stepped in, eventually giving the distraction so Gail Kim could hit Madison with the title belt and get the win. This concluded the taping of the first show