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SPOILERS: GFW IMPACT Wrestling – 7/6/17

The former IMPACt Wrestling, now Global Force Wrestling are at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida tonight to tape a few episodes of IMPACT Wrestling. Here are the results:

Taping #1

GFW & IMPACT Knockout Champion Sienna defeated Rebel. At one point as Rebel goes outside to go up top, she stomps KM’s hand, & tries to get him with a flying body press, but she’s caught-NO DQ since KM just put her down. Sienna wins eventually with her new guillotine choke submission.

Gail Kim comes out and announces that this is her last year as a wrestler and she will be retiring by the end of the year. She mentions she will not be going to a different company as she wants to settle down and start a family. She will however return to the ring and finish out her career on top.