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SPOILERS: GFW IMPACT Wrestling – 7/20/17

The former IMPACT Wrestling, now Global Force Wrestling are at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida tonight to tape a few episodes of IMPACT Wrestling. Here are the results:

  • Sienna defeated Rosemary in a Last Knockout Standing Match. Rosemary is in control & brings out a table. They fight in the stands on the far side by the ramp. Sienna dumps Rosemary over the top rope stomach first onto the floor. Rosemary battles back with a Red Wedding, but KM comes in the ring to help Sienna up before the 10 count. Rosemary chases him off with a chair. Rosemary gets a trash can & puts it between Sienna’s legs & looks to be going for a coast-to-coast, but KM tries to stop her & he get sprayed with MIST. Sienna gets up & throws the trash can at Rosemary knocking her off the top rope to the floor through another table that was set up & that’s enough for the finish. Sienna wins a good match with a bit of a controversial finish.


  • Grado comes out in a hideous orange suit with black lining & a puffy white shirt. He asks “Miss Van Ness” Laurel Van Ness to come down; Sienna tries to tell her not to, but she does arrive & Sienna goes to the back. Grado calls her “Knockout Gorgeous” & proposes to her. Allie comes down to encourage Laurel, but she’s pulled gently off the apron by Sutter & she leaves. Kongo Kong comes down & Grado & leave. Kong tries to carry Laurel away, but she tells him to put him down, relax & breathe. Kongo & Laurel leave together.
Source WrestleZone