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SHINE to introduce new championship


SHINE Wrestling just announced at SHINE 42 in Ybor City, Florida that they will be introducing a new belt called the SHINE Nova Championship.

The promotion will hold a two day 16 women tournament on July 13th and 14th to crown the first ever SHINE Nova Champion, a new title for new talent.

  • Marshy

    I find that it is totally interesting that the WWE and Shine are holding their tournaments on the same two days and in the same state, but the WWE has 16 more competitors for their tournament than Shine does.

    • Joe Mendiola

      WWE’s dates have only been rumored by Meltzer & not publicly confirmed like Shine’s are. Since WWN at least seems to still have a friendly relationship with WWE, I’d look for their dates to not conflict. Most likely, Shine pulled the trigger on their dates because Meltzer’s report either isn’t correct or WWE’s dates are fluid.

      • Marshy

        Meltzer should definitely wait for the WWE to says what the dates are for their tournament before they say what the dates are, cause some of the competitors can’t be in two places at once.

  • Thou

    What is belt suppose to represent? Is it like tv title? Secondary title?

  • Number One

    It’s about time!!! Been wanting a secondary title in SHINE for a long time!